1. What should I do before flying?

Here is a check list with the things you should do before you board your flight:

  1. Install the Uber app, this is the method of transport we recommend to you ;)
  2. Add a payment method to your Uber app
  3. Don't for get to take your vaccination certificate (QR code, etc)
  4. Don't forget to bring some cash just in case ;), at least bring 100 Euros
  5. Don't forget your Passport
  6. Bring some lighter clothes
  7. (optional): apply for the visa online, you can also do this on arrival. Link
  8. Enjoy packing and be excited :D

2. What should I do when I first arrive?

Here is a check list with the things you should do when you first land in Egypt. Most points will have an FAQ associated:

  1. Get your Visa (25$), if you didn't you can do this at any of the banks
  2. Get past Corona screening. vaccination or PCR for more info
  3. Get past boarder control
  4. Get an Egyptian sim-card, on arrival after passing the boarder control, you should be able to find an Orange kiosk, Orange is a mobile service provider, see the sim card FAQ
  5. Call us using your new phone number or via facebook / international call, Note that the airport's wifi is not easy to use
  6. If we can pick you up we will of course, if we are unable, We recommend using Uber (you will need an Egyptian sim card for this)

3. Will I need a Visa?

All our lovely guests from the EU and the USA will need a visa on arrival, think of it as more of a ticket to enter the Egyptian border, the cost in 25$ and here are the details.

4. How do you recommend I get around?

Driving in Egypt is not for everyone, not even every Egyptian, we recommend using Uber

5. Where can I get a sim card?

You can get an Egyptian sim card at the airport after you pass boarder control, we recommend the FREEmax150 tariff from Orange, but any company will do we have 4 companies here in Egypt:

Vodafone, We, Orange, Etisalat

6. Is there a dress code for the event?

Yes, the dress code is formal, for men that's easy, come in a suite ;)

for the ladies think Cocktail Soiree, the venue has other rules, so please dress modestly:

  • Slightly above the knee is allowed
  • Shoulders and arms can show
  • No head covering is required
  • Go easy on the cleavage, not too deep, think church
  • Go easy on the open back dresses, think church


7. Accomodation recommendations?

We want you to have the best stay possible in Cairo and Egypt, we are currently trying to negotiate rates at great central hotels in Cairo. If you book something, we recommend you book it refundable so that you are flexible regarding which offer is better. Check our recommendations.